Do southern bank customers make withdrawls?

Yeah, I agree with this to an extent.

Is it important that pedestrians be aware of their surroundings and do their best to “communicate” with drivers whenever entering the street (even if the pedestrian has the right-of-way)? Absolutely. The driver-pedestrian relationship is definitely a shared responsibility in that respect.

But as this article states, that’s sometimes not enough. I have had dozens of situations where I’ve been looking directly at a driver and thought they were looking directly back at me but they still buzzed right in front of me, even when I clearly had the right-of-way. There have been a lot of close calls that, had I not been very careful, would have not been close calls but rather would have been collisions.

And (also stated in the article) sometimes it’s not possible to determine if you’ve got eye contact with a driver. In the summer, everyone’s got sunglasses on. In certain lighting conditions (or in the dark), you can’t see into the car very well. And some drivers just don’t even turn their heads in your direction when you’re trying to make eye contact (e.g., people turning right on red, who are usually just looking left to see oncoming traffic and often don’t check for pedestrians at all).

So is it partially a pedestrian’s responsibility to “communicate” with drivers? Absolutely. But putting all the responsibility on pedestrians is neither appropriate nor helpful in avoiding/preventing accidents.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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