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Shake shake shake…shake shake shake…shake Montana…shake Montana!

Holy crap, we felt that Montana earthquake way up here!

Well, it sounds like some of us did, at least, according to r/Calgary.

I felt it.

I was sitting at my desk when I felt this very faint little tremble. At first I thought it was just the people downstairs and their freakishly loud/vibrating bathroom fan. Or a large truck in the parking lot. But the shaking was a little bit different than anything I’d felt before. I also noticed that the floor lamp next to the desk swayed ever so slightly for a few seconds.

I thought it felt like an earthquake tremor, even though I’d never felt one before.

But I didn’t think of it being from an earthquake so far away. In fact, I just Googled “Calgary earthquake” and “Alberta earthquake” about 10 minutes after it stopped to see if there had been any reports of a local earthquake.

Then I checked Facebook a few minutes later and noticed that one of my Moscow friends posted about feeling a tremor around that same time as well, which seemed really weird to me until I learned there was actually that big earthquake in Montana.


First time feeling earthquake tremors!


And so the adventure begins.

Moscow (Idaho) to London (Ontario).

Today we drove from Moscow to Bozeman, MT. My mom and I went to this trippy retro Dairy Queen for dinner (it was like a car-hop but without the cars; we walked up to the outdoor window and ordered and they called us up). We were there for about five minutes before it started freaking POURING with tons of thunder and lightning. It was pretty awesome.

Here are two other pics.