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Yo dog, I herd ur owner has a leash…

Unpleasant PSA: Leash laws exist for a reason. I shouldn’t be getting bitten by a dog whose owner has a leash in her hand but has not attached it to her dog in an on-leash public area. I should also not be hearing “yeah, he gets excited sometimes” as a fucking excuse for why your dog just noshed on my leg.


(Ignore all the other scars on my leg.)

Pro tip: does your dog get excited? Does he tend to bite strangers when he gets excited? Maybe put him on a leash so that you can actually control him a little bit better when you’re on a public pathway full of people.

Like…am I crazy or…?

I’m not skittish around dogs because of dogs. I’m skittish around dogs because of their dumbass owners.

Pleasant PSA: playing Rock Band with my wonderful husband is fantastic.