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Yo dog, I herd ur owner has a leash…

Unpleasant PSA: Leash laws exist for a reason. I shouldn’t be getting bitten by a dog whose owner has a leash in her hand but has not attached it to her dog in an on-leash public area. I should also not be hearing “yeah, he gets excited sometimes” as a fucking excuse for why your dog just noshed on my leg.


(Ignore all the other scars on my leg.)

Pro tip: does your dog get excited? Does he tend to bite strangers when he gets excited? Maybe put him on a leash so that you can actually control him a little bit better when you’re on a public pathway full of people.

Like…am I crazy or…?

I’m not skittish around dogs because of dogs. I’m skittish around dogs because of their dumbass owners.

Pleasant PSA: playing Rock Band with my wonderful husband is fantastic.


Vancouver, you’re silly

I live by a bunch of cemeteries. At the entrance of each one is posted this sign. Yeah, seriously.

Apparently, the story behind these signs involves the long-lived problem of people letting their dogs roam around unleashed, particularly in cemeteries. The problem started to escalate back in the 90s, so cemetery officials felt they had to do something about it, as dogs freely roaming about in cemeteries were bound to cause problems.

The husband of one of the management staff, after a rough run-in with a pissy dog owner, recalled that a close town had erected “camel crossing” signs in areas that were prone to speeding traffic. These humorous signs were effective in reducing traffic speed, so they attempted to apply the same logic to the “no unleashed dogs in the cemeteries” rule enforcement with these signs.

Cool idea, but if I were an elephant I would be holding a huge grudge against unleashed dogs for their causing me not to be allowed in cemeteries.


And I would never forget it, either.


[insert elephant graveyard joke here]



Today’s song: Take It Off by Ke$ha