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I’m in the mood to edit “Odor,” that short story I wrote about the anosmic dude who got an implant in his brain in order to be able to smell. When I wrote it back in 2013 I really just wrote it to write it, if that makes any sense. I’d been wanting to write about anosmia for a long time, but I had always approached it from a non-fiction standpoint and could never get anything written. But once I made it a fictional account, writing about it became ridiculously easy and free-flowing. I think I wrote the original story in about two hours, then edited only a few things afterward.

Thus, it’s not perfect. Far from it. But I want to edit it so that it can get closer to perfect, because it’s a very personal story and I just want it to be told right.

Anyway. I didn’t have anything else to blog about today, so you get that little snippet of thought.



So I’ve edited 45 more (single-spaced) pages of Prime since I started working on it about a month ago. That may not sound like much, but it’s 45 more pages than I’ve edited in the past year and a half. (Blame Nate, he’s giving me the motivation to write/edit.)


I seriously doubt I’m going to ever do anything with it (mainly because it will still be crap even after the 30th edit or whatever), but it’s nice to be working on it again. As crappy as Prime is, it’s my baby and I love it.


I’m pretty sure hell has just frozen over, as I’ve decided to go back and edit Prime some more. I was on an editing streak way back in summer of 2013, but then I stopped because I got to a rough part at the end of one chapter and I wasn’t quite sure where to go from there to get to the next chapter I’d written. And being me, I didn’t want to just skip a part and continue editing—I wanted to edit everything in order.

So I just…stopped.

But I’ve had the urge to work on that story for about a week now, and today I finally just went back and started where I’d left off. I finished editing the chapter I’d left and then continued on. Is the edit good? Not really. But it’s better than what it was, and it’s not like there won’t be more drafts of this nonsense (if I don’t just get completely sick of it and delete it off the face of the earth) in which I can make things even better.

That is, if an 80-or-so page setup for a really horrible “divide by zero” joke is even capable of being bettered.

So yeah. Prime’s still around and it’s finally going to be worked on again. Yay for everyone.

It’s My Infinitive and I’ll Split It if I Want To!



I’m trying to edit Prime so that it sucks less. I’m to the point in the story where the main character, 27, is talking to the imaginary unit i. And of course I wrote the damn thing in first-person, so I’m getting phrases like:

  • i and I”
  • “I said to i
  • i was no longer there, leaving me alone in the space”
  • “it occurred to me that i was leading me in a circle”

What in the nightmarish hell was I thinking.

No one will ever want to read this nonsense.