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Road Trip – Day 19: Crowsnest Pass to Calgary


Not that it wasn’t an enjoyable trip—it definitely was—but we’re both glad to not be driving anymore and to be back in Calgary. Calgary’s a really nice city, yo. I think we both appreciate it even more after having gone through some large US cities (*cough*San Francisco*cough*).

I’ll post pictures on Facebook at some point…there will probably be a few more there that I didn’t post on here, just ‘cause.


Road Trip – Day 18: Bozeman to Crowsnest Pass

We’re back in the land of Celsius and kilometers now! We’re also both super tan because of our time in the southwest. At least Nate has an even tan; all my shirts were of different necklines/sleeve lengths so I look like a giant gradient of light-to-tanned light skin colors. Super attractive.

Also, it was another easy border crossing to get back to Canada.

Road Trip – Day 2: Crowsnest Pass to Moscow


That was probably the easiest border crossing I’ve ever had, and I’ve always had super easy border crossings. It probably took a total of 10 seconds, seriously.

And I got to see my mom again, which is super cool ‘cause I’ve missed her since January (and it seems like I’ve been gone longer than that).

And now to chill in Moscow for a few days.

Road Trip – Day 1: Calgary to Crowsnest Pass

We’re off! We won’t be reaching the States until tomorrow, since we have to go drop off Nate’s birds at his parent’s house so that they can be in good hands while we’re away.

I don’t have anything exciting to say today and no new pictures yet, so…have some old recipes I’ve saved in my bookmarks but haven’t posted here yet, haha.

Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Cheese

Copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

ENGLISH MUFFINS!!!! (I like English muffins, sorry)


Welcome to April in Alberta!

image (1) image

To be fair, this was just south of Calgary; the city itself was cloudy but snow-free. We were down in Crowsnest Pass for the weekend and there was quite a bit of snow going on today in that area. Still better than that September storm, though, haha.