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Hey dudes! So it’s my last day here at PCC. I’m here three more nights, then I’m flying back to Moscow.

I’m excited/scared/nervous/anxious/antsy/hesitant. Which is pretty much how I always am, but at least this time I have a reason.

Oh, and this:

This song sounds really, really creepy sung in this manner.

It’s time for your daily Claudia rambling! Put on your blog bonnets!

I haven’t given you guys a good old-fashioned rant in awhile, save the one on TA-ing a few days ago and the several on how much grad school is a waste of time. However, those don’t really count, since they actually got my blood pressure up to the point where I could feel my heartbeat in my eye. My usual blog rants are mainly about things that just don’t matter at all, but about which I feel like complaining; thus, they are semi-entertaining (at least, I like to pretend they are).

So tonight I give you a good old-fashioned Claudia rant, ‘cause it’s been a while. And because light-hearted ranting is good for the soul.


Today’s example: Facebook. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m kind of jaded with Facebook, and here are a couple of reasons why:

1. The layout(s).
Pick one! Freaking hell! What is it about trying to stay “modern” that makes websites/programs/everything want to change their layouts? Office 2007 did it and it was a disaster. Facebook decides to do it like every other week. Now YouTube did it, too, and it looks like crap. When Google eventually decides to change their homepage, I’m going to start shooting people.

2. The fact that they don’t capitalize “Facebook.”
I know, MySpace does this too, but for some reason that lowercase “f” really bothers me. You are a proper noun. Give yourself the respect you think others think you should deserve.

3. Poking.

4. The applications.
There are two types of people in Facebook land: those who subscribe to (or play/join/what the hell ever) 50 or so applications, and those who just absolutely hate them. Yes, I’m fully aware you can hide application notices. I’m also fully aware that the point of Facebook was so that you wouldn’t have to put up with hiding application notices you got on MySpace.

5. The people who update their status 5+ times per day.
“_______ just woke up!” “________ had a bagel!” “_________ exists!” “________ needs a self-esteem boost, and therefore is posting another status update to get noticed!” Really? That’s what Twitter is for.

6. The people who basically use their profile as a showcase for their baby.
I have a friend on there who has 16 albums dedicated to their kid, each with about 30 pictures. They also fall into annoyance sector #5, except 90% of their status updates are about…guess what? “________’s baby is teething! ________’s nipples hurt!”

7. The ability for everyone to make fan pages of just about every stupid occurrence, enjoyment, or annoyance in human history.
These include pages about how much “the little triangle that the windshield wipers never get” plagues people in their sleep, how amazing sex is, redoing high fives if they’re not good enough the first time, using cellphones as flashlights, etc., etc., you get the idea. I get it, you’re a fan of the little things in life. Do you have to let the world know? Joining the group was one thing, but now you must jump on the bandwagon of becoming a fan of something just because you’ve laughed at the occurrence once in your life? Is this really a productive way for the human race to spend its time?


So…Facebook has slowly developed to include and/or involve: inability to commit, poor capitalization habits, promotion of poking people, tons of time-wasting stuff that clogs up your life, egomaniacs, and promoting stupidity via mass-promotion of fads.
Sounds like high school.

Freaking hell, people.


Today’s song: Viva la Love Story by Jon Schmidt


Does anyone else ever wonder whether or not they’ve changed extremely since the beginning of school (preschool, kindergarten)? I have thought of these things for quite a few years now, and I’ve always wondered. Of course, none of you have known me for that long, and I don’t have contact with anyone who has.

So I asked my mom. She said that I used to be more social (I don’t remember this) and that I used to have more self-confidence (I don’t remember this, either.
I think that I have much more self-confidence then people think…I just feel that if I’m not the best person in the world in something, then I’m just not worth too much. Always strive for the best, right?

Well, the good thing was that my mom didn’t think that I’ve conformed to fit society’s “norms” and that peer pressure hasn’t really gotten to me.

Just a bunch of reminiscing about things past. Hm…


Do you guys wonder about this stuff?