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So hey, I found a Brian Regan routine on YouTube that I’ve never heard before!

Not as good as his old stuff, but still pretty good. That fireworks noise at 6:19 and when he messes up the horse racing joke at 33:13 had me really laughing like crazy.


I’ve posted a decent amount of Brian Regan-related material on here already, but I was working on notes/practice problems in my office this afternoon and wanted something to listen to, so I listened to his “Live” recording.

Unfortunately there is no video of these routines, which sucks ‘cause a good portion of Brian’s humor his visual. But it’s still freaking hilarious. The “Stupid in School,” “Truck Drivers,” and “Crank Calls” routines are all fantastic, but they’re all good.

Regan Party

Not his best, but still funny. ‘Cause, you know, Brian Regan.

Having a bad day?

Solution: Brian Regan. Always Brian Regan.

Well today was eventful

  • Took my algorithms test at 12:30, then my mom and I headed towards Pasco to go see BRIAN REGAN! On the way there, we drove through a torrential downpour and then through some MEGA wind. We also saw herds of tumbleweeds catapulting themselves into the roads like lemmings.
  • Once we got to our hotel, I made coffee, ‘cause I just always do that at hotels, then drank like three sips of it ‘cause I put way too much Sweet n’ Low in it, then screwed around in the fitness room before going to the show.
  • Brian Regan was, of course, hilarious. We spent the rest of the night watching “Say Yes to the Dress” ‘cause absolutely nothing else was on and the hotel internet was very slow.

YAY! Thanks for the late birthday present, mom!

One small step for man…

The first human being to set foot on our moon died yesterday as a result of complications following a heart surgery that was performed earlier this month.

Rest in peace, Neil Armstrong. You may have been a modest and humble man, but your actions and courage certainly impacted and inspired the entire planet.

As tribute, I present the ever awesome, ever hilarious Brian Regan and his “I walked on the moon” skit.

More Brian Regan

Actual videos, since I raved about him before.

“Can I park here? I think I’m gonna DIE.”

“Who the HELL…had the auDACity…to say he was at a level TEN?!?!”

Mr. Gorbachev, tear off those pants!

I’m not a big fan of comedians, but I think that this guy, Brian Regan, is hilarious. His humor is clean, but he’s still very funny. Quotes to judge, though it’s better to look him up and watch his videos, ‘cause his physical humor is great.

(Talking about getting UPS to pick up some boxes.)
“Yeah um, I have uh, 10 boxes. And . . . no I’m another guy. Yeah, and they all weigh exactly, 22 pounds . . . and they all have a girth of . . . 3.”

“Three what?”

“Three . . . girth units! Come pick ‘em up, please. I’m beggin ya, they’re boxes, and they’re brown and they have tape all on ‘em and they’ll probably fit on a DOLLY! Why must you torture me?”

“The big yellow one is the Sun! The yellow one is the Sun!”

“Left leg… BROKEN!”

“I don’t know what’s up with cranberries, but they’re getting in all the other juices.”

“Putt, Golfer, PUTT!”

“There’s a book. There’s a plane! THERE’S ALPHA CENTAURI!”



She didn’t blind me with science, she blinded me with a laser pointer! And it was on purpose!

Okay people.

This is the last blog before the apocalyptic 666 blog tomorrow. If you find me pinned to the ceiling of my dorm room with thumbtacks and the sign of satan scrawled across my lifeless body, you’ll know why.


Things that are awesome:
Awesome music is awesome. Duh. What’s even more awesome is really beautiful music. Examples:
-The Kiss by Deep Forest. This is off of their “Pacifique” album. Probably the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.
-Farewell by Apocalyptica. That sounds like an awful metal band doesn’t it? What it is in actuality is a bunch of dudes on cellos playing, essentially, death metal. Yes, you read that right: death metal with cellos. It’s the coolest thing ever, I swear. Though Farewell is not so death-metally.
-One by Apocalyptica. A little more death-metally than Farewell, but cool nonetheless.
-The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens. From Carnival of the Animals. I did a real depressing monologue in my Theatre 105 class to this my freshman semester.

www.passiveagressivenotes.com is also very awesome.

Brian Regan is awesome.

And now I’ve run out of things to list that are awesome.


I was going to do a few album covers tonight, but…yeah. That wouldn’t have fit in with the whole “awesome” theme.