Well today was eventful

  • Took my algorithms test at 12:30, then my mom and I headed towards Pasco to go see BRIAN REGAN! On the way there, we drove through a torrential downpour and then through some MEGA wind. We also saw herds of tumbleweeds catapulting themselves into the roads like lemmings.
  • Once we got to our hotel, I made coffee, ‘cause I just always do that at hotels, then drank like three sips of it ‘cause I put way too much Sweet n’ Low in it, then screwed around in the fitness room before going to the show.
  • Brian Regan was, of course, hilarious. We spent the rest of the night watching “Say Yes to the Dress” ‘cause absolutely nothing else was on and the hotel internet was very slow.

YAY! Thanks for the late birthday present, mom!

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