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I have a sudden and very strong urge to learn American Sign Language.

Well, that’s only partially true, as I’ve always had an interest in ASL. I’m just now feeling more serious about it.

I’ve looked it up and apparently there are immersion ASL courses offered by Deaf Alberta, but they’re $430 per class (there are five levels, so five classes), which is way more than I think I can afford right now.

Maybe some day…



The only thing I really know in ASL, apart from about 5 signs, is the alphabet. This app is a cool way to practice recognizing the letter signs in a QWERTY layout, even if you don’t need to send any sign language messages. It’s also got a few word signs as well.

I’d really like to learn ASL to the point where I could have a conversation with someone using it (at least, a conversation in which I wouldn’t have to look ridiculous spelling out every single word). I CAN spell relatively quickly, though; I think that comes from the fact that when I’m walking and listening to music, I like to try and sign the first letter of every word in the song as it plays.

Because what else am I supposed to be doing with my hands when I’m walking?