Book Review: The Trial (Kafka)

Have I read this before: I thought I had, but once I got into it, nothing seemed familiar. So I’m gonna say no.   

Review: This was…tedious. Like, I’ve read The Metamorphosis and I dug it, so I went into this going “okay cool, this is gonna be weird and angsty and it’ll be great.” But, um…tedious. I get that that’s part of the point, but the style just didn’t jive with me. Unlike with most of the books I’ve read from my list, I found myself just wanting to get through it to get to the next one.

Favorite part: 
As much as I didn’t like the tedium, Kafka does do a good job with it. It causes frustration. There was a little bit too much of this frustration for my taste, but whatevs.


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