Interesting, but not surprising overall. What is surprising, at least to me, is the following: “there was no threshold where the effects of exercise stopped improving cardiovascular health, the study found.” Especially since other correlating variables such as smoking, drinking, and body weight were supposedly accounted for.

One thing to note though is that their “top 25%” of most active people were doing about 50 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity (like running). It would be interesting to see what their top 5% or top 1% were doing just to see what their “threshold” of vigorous activity was in their sample. Like, if the top 1% is only doing like 100 minutes of vigorous activity per week, how can they really conclude that there may not be a threshold above that level where the effects of exercise taper off or even reverse? Like, if you’re doing 300 minutes of vigorous exercise per week, you may not be represented in the study, and who’s to say what the effect of that level of exercise may be on cardiovascular health?

Anyway. Still interesting.

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