So remember a few weeks ago when I said that Nate and I finally completed and mailed our thingies? Well, I got my results today!

Since I did the 23andMe version of this like eight years ago, I had a good idea what to expect with my results. However, Ancestry seems to have a bit more detail/specifics as far as some populations go (especially in Europe).

I know 23andMe didn’t specifically pick out the Welsh, Swedish, or Basque; I think they just got lumped in with larger regions. And I don’t think my regions in Africa were quite as specific.

(I should just check. Lemme check.)

OKAY NOPE I LIED, the African regions are split more precisely on 23andMe and the European regions are split more precisely on Ancestry.

Anyway, all of the non-European bits come from my dad’s side. My mom is 100% European.

Also, I’m currently reading Exodus and learning a lot about the Jewish people and Jewish history in general, so I’m super curious about that itty bitty little 2% European Jewish background and where that’s actually coming from.


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