Hey fartbags, it’s my birthday today!
(I use “fartbags” as a term of endearment, I promise.)

It’s also the birthday of a whole bunch of other people who are way cooler than me, including Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, writer James Joyce, and writer Thomas Disch (author of The Brave Little Toaster).

So, y’know, special.

But this year, February 2nd is an especially special day. Why? Because it’s 02/02/2020 – the first true* palindrome date since 11/11/1111. The next one won’t be until 12/12/2121.

February 2nd is also the 33rd day of the year and, since it’s a leap year this year, has 333 days following it in the year.

So yeah, super special.

*It’s a “true” palindrome date because it’s the same in DD/MM/YYYY format and MM/DD/YYYY format.

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