More Leibniz Thoughts (Sorry Not Sorry)

So once again I’ve been thinking about Leibniz.

I never stop thinking about Leibniz, really, but sometimes I blog about it.

Anyway, I wonder what Leibniz’ thoughts would be on the internet. I suspect he would absolutely love the idea of it—free exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions, and knowledge—but I wonder if he’d find it a distraction to our ability to create and come up with new ideas/knowledge or if he’d see it as something that fosters creativity and the cultivation of knowledge.

I think it goes both ways, but I do think that overall, the internet leads people to waste more time. I know that’s certainly the case for me and for a lot of other people I talk to, and I suspect that it’s worse for people who have had the internet (as we know it today—fast, huge, and accessible almost anywhere) around for their whole lives.

I just wonder how he would see it.

I also wonder if he would get super into things like Reddit or memes or YouTube. Maybe he’d end up getting a bit addicted to the internet like everyone else, haha.


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