Well That Was Gross

I lived in Vancouver for two years. Vancouver is Rain City like 99% of the time.

But I have never dealt with as much rain as I did today on my walk.

Story time: so we all know by this point that it would basically take some sort of natural disaster to prevent me from walking (even a natural disaster, depending on what it is, might still be walk-through-able). So when I left this morning for my walk and it was raining a little bit, I didn’t think too much of it. I had my raincoat on and all my electronics in baggies in my backpack, so what was the worst that could happen, right?


Fast forward to about three and a half miles into my walk and the unpleasant but light drizzle of rain had transformed to “DROWN EVERYONE FROM ABOVE” levels of torrential downpour.

Usually when it does that here in Calgary, the torrential downpour is quite short-lived. Ten minute, max.



That is, for the remaining TWELVE MILES.

Note that twelve miles takes me a bit less than three hours, so that’s a long time to be out in that kind of rain.

And my raincoat? It couldn’t handle that nonsense. Not only was it raining like a fire hydrant exploded in the sky, but it was also very gusty. So by the end of my walk, the inside of my jacket was just as wet as the outside.

How wet? Well, let’s just say I’ve been drier after getting out of the shower.

I was soaking wet. I got to campus and left a trail of water from where I entered the building to my office. I got to my office, got my change of clothes, and headed to the bathroom to change.

I could wring out my hair. I could wring out my pants. I could wring out my underwear. That’s how wet I was.

My backpack had about an inch and a half of water in the bottom of it. The double baggies surrounding the external hard drive that I carry everywhere (‘cause I’m weird and paranoid) barely did their job of keeping that thing dry.

So yeah. I spent the rest of the day freezing in my office. At least the rain had stopped by the time I left to go home.


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