Do you reMEMBER…the very first day of SepTEMBER

  • Good lord, I miss Vine.
  • My fartface leg needs to heal all the way so that I can do these trails, yo.
  • Christmas is a long way off, but I just found this video again and still think it’s hilarious. When Patton Oswalt is on, he’s on.

“Somebody in a bad mood on MY SON’S BIRTHDAY?? BULLSHIT!!

  • This would be fantastic on walks in unfamiliar places/scary places around the city. Also airports. I’m super paranoid about my backpack in airports. The size is good, the fact that it’s water resistant (waterproof?) is fantastic, and I love the little cord that you can use to tether it to something. Much better than looping a strap around your leg, which is what I do all the time.


I don’t have much to say today, sorry.

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