Sorry for the Party Blogging

So this year has been a little rough for me so far for various really stupid reasons, but I’ve been able to handle most of it.

  • Obnoxiously cold walking weather? Okay, sure.
  • Frantically trying to write/create everything for this semester like a day before I have to present it to my class? Fine?
  • Feeling incredibly sad for absolutely no reason? Yeah, whatev.
  • Trying to find the time every day to walk 15+ miles? Alright.
  • Being obscenely homesick since December. Ugh. Yeah.

But you know what? Today it fucking snowed. And snow in April? I can’t handle that right now.

So I had a little mini mental breakdown on my walk home from campus today. Which, you know, is always fun.

I really hope that my visit to Moscow helps me feel better, because I really don’t know what’s wrong with my stupid brain, but it needs to stop.


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