How to Not Walk Like an Idiot: Staircase Edition

As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows (or anyone who just knows me in person), I am a firm believer in the “treat walking as you would treat driving” philosophy. In other words, treat sidewalks like two-way streets, don’t weave around like a moron, and actually pay attention to where other people are before you dart out in front of them like a confused horse wearing blinders.

But apparently I’m the only human being in this city who thinks that way.

Example: there is a C-Train station right at the edge of campus, and it’s connected to a walkway bridge that goes over the highway. In other words, in order to get from the station to campus (or vice-versa), you need to use a set of stairs.

And because this is usually a pretty busy station due to its proximity to campus, the people who designed the stairs made it so that there were actually two sets of stairs to accommodate the crowds. Picture:

Let’s represent the flow of people going from campus to the C-Train in red, and let’s represent the flow of people going from the C-train to campus in blue. Am I insane for thinking that this is the best way that people should arrange themselves?

Just…just stay to the right. That makes sense to me. Pretend you’re a car! This seems like it would flow nicely.

But do people do this? No. Here’s how people actually use these stairs.



One response

  1. To be fair, there are a lot of drivers that just weave around like morons, so I’m sure they walk like that as well. But yeah, frustrating.


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