So Nate and I were discussing music this evening (specifically, we were trying to remember well-known classical songs and realizing that we suck at remembering well-known classical songs), so I’m in a music mood now. Here are some of my favorite lyric-free (classical and otherwise) songs!

[Edit: I added a few songs to this list as late as June, so don’t have a flip-out if you see songs on here that technically shouldn’t be on here given the date of this blog. As if anyone case enough to notice.]

  • Hoedown – Aaron Copland
  • Valdres March – Johannes Hanssen
  • First Suite in E Flat: Chaconne – Holst
  • Jupiter – Holst
  • Variations on a Korean Folk Song – John Barnes Chance
  • Bayou Breakdown – Brant Karrick
  • The Launch – James Horner
  • Sunshine – John Murphy
  • Shenzou – Steven Price
  • The Magnificent Seven Theme – Elmer Bernstein
  • Dare You To Move – Vitamin String Quartet
  • Cast Away – End Credits – Alan Silvestri
  • Planet Earth II Suite – Hans Zimmer (1000% feels; this freaking song, man)

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