I Need To Distract Myself

I’m mad at myself for about 34,945 different reasons, so let’s talk about the future.
The beginning of 2020, more specifically. That’s when I’ll be done with my Decade of Music project and will have approximately 3,650 new songs since the beginning of 2010.

That’s a lot of music, and of course it must be sorted/ranked/raved about in various ways. So here’s what I’m thinking I’ll do once the project is over.

  • A list containing the top song of each decade.
  • A list containing my top 10 songs overall (regardless of decade)
  • A list containing my top 10 “most beautiful” songs (regardless of decade)
  • A list containing my top 10 music videos (this will require me to watch every single song’s music video…a daunting task, but so is this entire project)
  • Maybe a top 10 list for each major genre?
  • A list of my top 5 songs for the entire 10 years, with explanations. It’d be hard to find the top 5, but I think it would make me really think about which songs were my absolute favorites.
  • And, of course, stats on genres, stars, song lengths, etc., both overall and for each decade. Because that’s what I do.

Is there anything else you guys would like to see from this project? The end is NEAR* and I’m getting excited.

*The end is actually not that near. But it’s 2017 now and this thing is set to end in 2019, so it’s actually not that far off.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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