Ego boost


So I picked up all my TA evaluations a few days ago because the department gets rid of them once you’ve graduated and I wanted to make sure I picked them up before I forgot to do so.

Anyway, today I feel like useless garbage (I mean, even more so than normal), so I decided to get a little ego boost from the reviews. These are my favorite comments.

  • “Best TA I’ve had”
  • “I feel like she can teach better than prof”
  • “I have nothing but amazing things to say about her”
  • “She could easily be a professor”
  • “It is evident that she cares about students’ success”
  • “Claudia has helped and taught me more than any of my other teachers”
  • “Very friendly and welcoming and is good at creating a fun environment for learning”
  • “Goes through questions and tells you information that not even the prof mentions”
  • “She is very, very good (better than my prof)”
  • “Should be offered a job should the need arise”
  • “One of the best TAs I’ve had over my 4 years”
  • “I found her lab sessions and office hours were highly beneficial to my learning (even better than the lectures)”
  • “She is a very good teacher, gifted at it even”
  • “Learned better from her labs than lectures”
  • “She is the bomb”

One response

  1. That is really awesome, better than the Prof several times, way to go!


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