The Amateur Hour with Claudia


1. Focus Your Content
*throws on fedora and stares hipsterly into the sunset* My focus…is everything.

2. Consistency Is Key
I can say with 100% accuracy that I am consistently horrible at posting these things on a daily basis. Or even on a monthly basis.
Fire me.

3. Traffic Has To Come From Somewhere
I have like three people who consistently read this garbage, and that’s all I need. I mean, I get that some people blog for status/fame/monies, but I don’t. Obviously.
Though I wouldn’t be upset if I got any of those things.

4. Don’t Lie In Your Titles
30% of my titles are puns, 50% of my titles are somewhat coherent non-puns, 10% of my titles are something like “alsdflajdfakdf”, and 10% of my titles accurately reflect the content in the following post. I see no lies here. I win!

5. 6 Figure Incomes, 4 Hour Work Days, and Vacations Don’t Come Easy
Are there any bloggers that have these things solely from blogging?

6. Quality Outweighs Quantity
*Insane laughter*

7. You’re On Your Own
And that’s why these things get mass-posted every three months.

8. Do It For Anything But The Money
I wouldn’t want to get paid for blogging, honestly. Blogging is like my stress relief, ‘cause I have the freedom to post whatever the hell I want. Nobody’s paying me anything for what I say. If they did, I’d probably be way too stressed about posting and would probably never upload things.


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