Beware the ith of March

It’s the March list, you poop machines*! Let’s get it on.

  • I’m always so cold all the damn time. Well, except right when I wake up in the mornings. My body heat just kind of craps out on me during the day. You’d think my Rage of 1,000 Suns would keep me warm, but no.
  • Every time I start missing Vancouver, I have to force myself to remember that I was not happy there. Ever. My brain is really good at taking bad past situations and reworking them to make me think, “nah, it wasn’t all that bad.” But Vancouver was. Vancouver was awful.
  • OH MY GOD, okay, so for whatever reason, a memory just popped into my head about this game called “Chex Quest” I played when I was a kid. The game—of course—was made to promote Chex cereal. I think the CD came in a box of said cereal, if I remember correctly. Anyway, it was basically Doom, but with cereal. Here’s the intro:


*I use “poop machines” in its most positive sense. I love all y’all.


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