So hey…

Nate and I are engaged now. :)

It was definitely not expected…at least by me, at least at the beginning of the day. The weather today was garbage, so we decided to drive up to Cross Iron Mills (a mall just to the north of Calgary, and where we had our second date!) and walk around it several times to get our mileage for the day. It’s a big mall.

We did a couple loops and then Nate (probably prompted by the like 10 jewelry stores in that mall) kind of casually asks, “So if I were to ever get a ring for you, what kind would you like?” And I of course get a little flustered, ‘cause we’d talked about the fact that we wanted to get married at some point.

So I say something like, “alkfdjavgaifhnioefdhfakjdhalkefh” (gibberish, ‘cause that’s how I talk), and we keep walking around the mall. We stop at the big bookstore there, where we hung out for a good hour on our first date, and went into one of the rows of books to look around.

Then I say something like, “You know, if you were to ask me to marry you, you know what my answer would be.”
And then he asks me, right there, very nicely, if I would marry him.
And you all know what my answer was.

We walked around the mall a bit more (we needed miles!), then stopped at one of the jewelry stores and he got me a ring.

image (9)

Super pretty! Sorry for crappy image quality.

Then we went to see The Force Awakens, haha.

Excellent day.


2 responses

  1. Congratulations! This is somethign you deserve and I wish you and Nate many happy years together.


    1. Thank you! :)


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