Eminem is a rapper. M&M’s come in a wrapper. CONSPIRACY??

I’ve used the Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock app for 50 nights now, so why not look at some data from it? The two things I track are the length of my sleeps and the quality ratings (which are, as far as I can tell, based partly off of how long a sleep is and how much time is spent in deep sleep according to the app).


As far as time goes, I’ve slept an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes over the past 50 nights, with the shortest night being 3 hours and 13 minutes and the longest night being 7 hours and 43 minutes.

For quality, my average over the past 50 nights has been 45.37%, with a minimum of 21% and a maximum of 79%.



Yeah, I don’t sleep very much.


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