In This Blog: Nate and I Break the iPad Calendar

Things we didn’t know until we played with the calendar app on my iPad:

  • There is no upper limit on this thing. It will go until you get a blister on your scrolling finger.

image (17)

  • It will also go pretty far into the past.
  • Once you get past 1 A.D., you go into B.C. mode, in which the months are all shifted and December doesn’t exist. (That’s 810 B.C. in the picture)

image (16)

  • B.C. Leibniz was born on a Sunday.

image (15)

New idea for a webcomic: a comic about the European Enlightenment, had it occurred in B.C. times rather than A.D. times. There’s a priority dispute between B.C. Newton and B.C. Leibniz over who discovered fire.

It’s a good thing I can’t draw, or this would totally happen.

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