Have I done one of those “Claudia wants material stuff” posts lately? I’m too lazy to go back and look, but I have a desire to do another one because I just found like three books on Amazon that look snazzy.

And hell, the main reason I even make these types of posts at all is so that if/when I have a little extra money flying around, I don’t have to remember “what was it I wanted to buy?” but can just go back to my last materialistic post instead.

‘Cause, y’know, I’m cool like that.


(I’m not really that materialistic, I swear.)

Advanced R
“This book not only helps current R users become R programmers but also shows existing programmers what’s special about R. Intermediate R programmers can dive deeper into R and learn new strategies for solving diverse problems while programmers from other languages can learn the details of R and understand why R works the way it does.”

Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications
“Presenting both common and specialized probability distribution models, as well as providing applications with practical examples, this handbook offers comprehensive coverage of plots of probability density functions, methods of computing probability and percentiles, algorithms for random number generation, and inference, including point estimation, hypothesis tests, and sample size determination.”

Statistical Distributions
“Following a basic introduction, forty popular distributions are outlined in individual chapters that are complete with related facts and formulas.”

Retro Creeper! (I might have posted this before)

Another one from Rave Nectar

And another.


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