Well, hell.

UGH so today was eventful.

Last night, Vaio was acting kind of strange, giving me a bit of trouble and just running really glitchy-like. This morning it was completely dead. Basically, it was acting like it did back last May when we had to take it in and wipe the hard drive and basically start from scratch.

So I considered a few things:

  • Fixing Vaio last time, when I was in the States, was pretty damn expensive. It would probably be at least 125% as expensive up here.
  • After the first hard drive incident, I looked up the problem online and it sounds like such a thing was fairly common with that model of Vaio. In fact, there were some people who said it had happened to them up to four times with one computer.
  • I have a huge project due on Thursday and don’t have time for screwing around.

I made the decision to use my teaching award money to get a new laptop. I took the bus to a Best Buy on the other side of town and got myself a new shiny! It’s an hp with a touchscreen and a 1 TB harddrive. It’s pretty. Hopefully it will last me a long time!

Now I have to name it. I can’t call it “Vaio” ‘cause it’s not a Vaio, and just calling it “hp” sounds dumb.

I shall think on it.


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