My nonsense sentence is better than your Tweet

ALRIGHT so I know I just went on this huge rant about Twitter like three weeks ago or whenever that was.

But this thing is the greatest Twitter-related thing ever. It’ll take your Twitter username (handle?) and then generate a few sentence-like Twitter-sized phrases out of the words you’ve used in your past tweets.

I don’t know what it does with anyone else’s tweets, but my results are hilarious. I did like 40 of them in a row and these are the best ones:

  • I believe in fictional characters. Woo, Canadian taxes. Dude. Infinite series are just…right. Walk?
  • You liiiiiied! Walk into the Imperial Unit. Somebody needs to laugh at a tree. The internet!
  • My fridge is the Oxford comma. LAWL, I don’t think it’s confused. Why not use it for a picture?
  • If I can’t concentrate on a large sample size, I prevent turning into depression mode. Dude, l’Hôpital?
  • Why can’t I concentrate on my tongue? Rage Quit mirrors my birthday. Descartes! American taxes are BLOWING.
  • Broccoli: My thoughts are just…right. Walk into famous photographs. This infomercial is increasing.
  • My thoughts are BLOWING MY MIND! Can I think it’s warm in front of the character limit?
  • Why I am so much funnier after that? HOW?? I regret nothing. Claudia, you expand the Oxford comma. LAWL.
  • I am a tree. The solar flares are coming! The internet is trying the Oxford comma. LAWL could I marry?
  • Do ghosts enjoy Boo-lean algebra? CALGARY!!!!!! Happy birthday, Leibniz! And Red Bull. I ruined it.
  • I am so much more than Canadian taxes. Dude. Infinite series are the semester before.
  • Adshfdlagdaf NONE of July! Go blow stuff up watching Sunshine. Make Descartes absolutely hated.
  • I am an aggressive list of Sleepyhead remixes. Now this is going into depression mode. Dude, l’Hôpital! (this is like my life summary in tweet form)
  • Dear Brain: it’s time to handle an adult. Tonight I marry calculus. Just finished reading. Worst. Ending. Ever.

I still hate Twitter, but this is great. I wonder if it utilizes a Markov process of some sort to make the sentences.


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