(This was supposed to be yesterday’s blog, but in the wake of the Ottawa incident, I decided to delay it until today)

The bad: So that midterm I had last Friday? 19/30.

The “good”: The class average on that midterm I had last Friday? 15/30. All the people I study with got 14s. The obscenely smart 2nd year guy got like a 25. A few people got a “see me” written on their tests by the prof (not sure who, though).

Seriously, a 19 out of 30 BLOWS HEAVY METAL DICKS, but I probably would have gotten a higher grade had I actually finished (I accidentally screwed up on one question and had to go back and correct a bunch of math and lost a lot of time), so there’s that. Also, a 19/30 is a 63%, which is actually a high C here. Also also, this midterm (and the next one) are each only worth 20% of our grade.

So I’m certainly not proud, but I’m not in panic mode (yet).

Edit: I talked to my supervisor (who teaches the class, haha), and he said my grade was actually one of the highest ones and told me not to panic. He said some people got 7s and 8s.

So yeah.

One response

  1. You set very high standards for yourself, and that is good, just try not to get too hung up on things like this, especially when you did better than the average.


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