Canadian Mall – Installment 18: North Hill Centre


Today I walked to North Hill Centre, a small little mall on 16th Avenue, sorta by SAIT.

Mileage from home to mall (one way):


  • Close to home. Takes about a half hour to get there.
  • It’s small. Kinda cozy. It’s like the Palouse Mall sawed in half.
  • There’s a WIG SHOP!
  • The C-Train runs right behind it.
  • There’s a moderate-sized branch of the public library behind it.
  • There’s a store in there called Alchemy Apparel which sells all this funky pop culture stuff. Looks interesting.


  • Not a whole ton of variety if you’re looking for that.
  • I put this in the “pros” list but I guess it could be a “con” as well: it’s small. If you like to walk the mall, you’d be done in like 4 minutes.
  • I was there like half an hour before it closed on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but I would guess that it gets a lot of C-Train traffic during peak hours.

And yeah, I know it was only like 2 miles from home; I made up for that by walking to campus, then going back to 14th street, walking up to 64th Avenue, over to Centre St., then home. 16 mile loop!

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