Canadian Mall – Installment 16: Deerfoot Mall

Today I didn’t feel much like walking, so I just went north to Deerfoot Mall, a mall I’ve been to a few times but never on a Saturday. But now it’s officially my most recent Canadian Mall destination!

Mileage from home to mall (one way):



  • I like the walking route to get here.
  • There’s a big-ass WalMart behind the mall itself. Good for broccoli when they have it in stock.
  • The mall never seems too crowded.
  • There’s a pretty diverse selection at the food court if you’re into mall food.


  • The big-ass WalMart NEVER HAS BROCCOLI IN STOCK.
  • There aren’t any super interesting (at least to me) stores IN the mall itself.
  • Uh…no other cons come to mind, actually.

DONE! Time for Red Bull.

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