I’ve got Macho Man stuck in my head MAKE IT STOP

While I was waiting for the bus this morning, this lady who’d seen me on campus yesterday (“you dress like an art student”) started talking to me because the bus was like 10 minutes late and there was nothing else to do.

I was telling her that I’d only been in Calgary for a few weeks and she starts raving about Nenshi and how he’s such a great mayor and how practically everyone loves him. It was awesome. I hope I get to meet him while I’m up here! Wonder if they need a statistician at City Hall…

Anyway, have some Nenshi awesomeness (mostly tweets), courtesy of Tumblr.






(His shirt says “Straight, Not Narrow” in case you can’t read it. He was the first mayor to lead the city’s Pride Parade)





2 responses

  1. He sounds like a down to earth, awesome guy.


  2. He seems pretty freaking fantastic. I really want to meet him sometime.


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