Canadian Mall – Installment 15: Market Mall

It’s walkin’ time!

Today I went west—a little bit past campus—to Market Mall.

Mileage from home to mall (one way):



  • This mall is circular! It’s actually quite cool. It’s also got like 20 entrances.
  • It’s also just one floor, so no getting lost on the upper levels.
  • Huge H&M.


  • No drinking fountains. What the hell, where am I supposed to refill my water bottle for the walk back? I was going to just fill it from one of the the bathroom sinks, but they all jet out hot water automatically. BAH.
  • APPLE STORE was super crowded due to the iPhone 6 release.
  • It’s close to campus, so there were students everywhere and it was quite crowded.

So since this mall was not that far away, on my walk back I decided to go the long way up 14th street. Whoever* said Calgary was flat is a LIAR. That street is like a mile of steep hill. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d been on mile 2 of my walk, but I was on mile 12 so it wasn’t the most enjoyable little trek. Got a good pic of downtown though:



*Haha, it was me.

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