Claudia’s Trans-Canadian Adventures: Day 1

So here’s an important question that’s been bothering me since I got off the plane.

There’s skiing and downhill stuff in the winter Olympics, right? Duh.
So where in the hell for the 1988 Calgary Olympics did they actually have that stuff? ‘Cause all I’m seeing is this:

Either they built fake mountains or they made it all up, one of the two.

We also flew through some badass lenticular clouds, but I couldn’t get my camera out in time to catch them.
You may be saying “wait, hold on, back up, what the hell were you doing on a plane and why were you in Calgary?”
An excellent question.
I wasn’t exactly in Calgary, it was just a stop on the way to London, Ontario to check out the University of Western Ontario, who happens to have a tier 2 philosophy of science program and who happens to have accepted me into the MA/PhD program.

Cool stuff, huh?

So now I’m sitting in a creepy little motel room with a pita, Futurama, and no internet, waiting for the campus tour tomorrow.
It’s also 1 degree Fahrenheit outside.
But it’s not raining.
Rock ON.

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