Land of the Extreme and Home of the “Get Out”

I usually listen to my iPod in the car, but whenever I’m going a short distance, I don’t bother plugging it and just listen to the radio instead. This morning I happened to catch about 15 minutes of The Savage Nation, a program hosted by Michael Savage. And honestly, I’ve never heard anything so toxic on the radio before.

I seriously thought it was a parody show for the first few minutes or so. Some guy called in and was talking about people displaying the Mexican flag in the United States. Savage immediately started ripping this guy as being “anti-American” because the guy was saying that it was okay to display the Mexican flag on US soil—which, according to Savage—is equivalent to “giving the country over to the illegals.”

‘Cause, you know, everyone who is Mexican in the United States is an illegal immigrant, I mean, duh.

He went on to rant about how “those illegals” are ruining the country and that anyone who is not 100% for deporting/arresting every single one of them is”not a true American” and “doesn’t have a country.” He called the caller a “man with no country” and basically cut him off there.

Now, I understand that people have differing views, especially on a lot of political things. I understand that there’s nothing wrong with expressing your views. But this guy is just so freaking extreme. It was just a really toxic conversation. There was not a positive or hate-free thing he said the whole 15 minutes I listened.





One response

  1. A lot of the extremest have started to scare me, I swear they have gotten worse.


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