I’m super busy, but that doesn’t keep me away from StumbleUpon. Tonight I found the most comprehensive online handwriting analysis tool I’ve ever found, so I decided to try it out. ‘Cause why not?

According to the test, here’s what my handwriting says about me (parts I agree with are bolded):

To begin the analysis, the subject’s handwriting shows some rigidity and tautness, as if the forward movement of the pen has been carefully restrained. This indicates a somewhat more conformist and conventional personality than the average. The subject leans more to the conventional in dress and behaviour.

The heavy pressure used in the script indicates that the subject has an above average activity level. She enjoys having plenty to do and dislikes being delayed or obstructed. She has a need to work off excess energy in an active occupation or leisure pursuit.

The handwriting shows a few signs of a perfectionist personality. The subject may seem somewhat more orderly and methodical than the average person, perhaps being a little over-concerned with small details and fussy about trivial matters.
She will prefer to abide by the law, and perhaps appear more reliable and conscientious. She may also be undecided about the best course of action to take, and appear to have a number of self-doubts.

Certain embellishments within the handwriting indicate an above average level of worldliness and sophistication. The subject may attempt to appear more poised or sophisticated than the average person.
She may seem emotionally detached and superficial in personal relationships, even if her feelings are deep and genuine. She may sometimes appear sceptical in her approach to life and possibly has a lower faith in human nature as a result.

A number of artful simplifications in the handwriting show that the subject has an above average intelligence. She will be able to tackle a more intellectually demanding career than the average person.

A number of sudden sharp pressure increases in the writing also indicate instability, nervousness and a quick temper. The writer is probably more likely to fly off the handle than the average person, and will become hostile and aggressive when frustrated.

Many signs of curtailment in the handwriting indicate that the subject has trouble giving free vent to her emotions and feelings. Her emotional control is total and consistent. In situations of great joy or grief she probably remains passive and uninvolved. As a result, she may find it hard to maintain close relationships or be very much liked by others. She makes matters worse by feeling embarrassment in the presence of people who readily display their emotions.
Because she feels incapable of expressing emotions, she will tend to remain calm and cool in situations which might cause other people to panic. This is sometimes an advantage, but because she is unable to respond appropriately at times when deep feelings must be expressed she tends to lack empathy.

There are cases of isolated ambiguity throughout the script which shows that the subject is over-concerned with concealment. She is attempting to cover up, and keep aspects of her personality or private life hidden from view or cloaked in mystery.
This type of handwriting is found in professions which demand a high degree of confidence keeping, such as lawyers, bankers and doctors.
It is wrong to interpret isolated ambiguity as a sign of a deceitful personality, but it does show a need for the subject to hide some part of her personality or background which may cause embarrassment or anxiety.

There are a few indications in the handwriting that, at the time of writing, the subject was suffering from mild stress. This may be temporary, for example if she was upset, tired, or working against a deadline. However, the subject may be living at an unacceptable level of stress, one which is beginning to affect her physical well being.
These are warning signs in the handwriting, and indicate that the subject should pause and reflect on those aspects of her lifestyle which may be causing long-term difficulties. She should try to reduce them whenever possible, relax more frequently, and perhaps take more exercise. Stress can be beneficial, but if allowed to get out of control, it may prove a hazard to mental and physical health.

Try it here!



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