Resolutions Review (Alternate Title: Claudia Sucks)

So I pretty much failed at everything this year.
Punishment: going through all of this year’s resolutions and seeing exactly how many I failed.

Let’s do this!


FAILED: Walk 1,500 miles. NOPE! I’ll be about 150 miles short of 1,500. No excuse for that other than I suck.

ACCOMPLISHED: Blog daily. Pfft, big deal.


ACCOMPLISHED: Continue my 365 Days of Music project. This is like automatic for me now, so this doesn’t count.

FAILED: Draw at least two new thingies a month. Ha.

SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED: Do something with my writing. I actually made substantial progress on this, so I guess this is a “sort of.”

FAILED: Study for the GRE this time before I take the damn thing. Didn’t take the GRE. Got waaaaaaay too busy to study for it.

FAILED: Learn as much as possible. I learned a lot, but I don’t think I learned enough to say I learned “as much as possible” for the year.

ACCOMPLISHED: Revamp and start over with my book list. I actually did this one! Granted, I’ve only read 3.5 books on the list as of now, but as I said above, I got waaaaaaay too busy to do pretty much anything but school.

ACCOMPLISHED: Uh…try not to die? Like this one even counts, either.

This year’s:
Ugh, jeez. I don’t even know.

  • Blog daily (a standard).
  • Continue my 365 Days of Music project (another standard).
  • Continue working on my writing project thingy.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2014.
  • I’m not setting a walking distance goal ‘cause I’m not sure what’s going down this year in terms of “big super happy life plans.” I’d explain further, but I don’t want to.
  • Graduate.
  • Try not to be such a horrible freaking failure at everything I do.


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