1) Do you have plans on the 21st?
That’s like 400 days away. I actually think I have a test that day.

2) Do you have weird looking feet?
They’re not any weirder than your average feet.

3) Can you successfully walk in a pair of high heels?

4) Do you open your bedroom window during the summer?

5) Do you like to sleep in hot and humid weather or cold weather?
I like the room to be freezing. Even in Vancouver when it was like 18 degrees outside and windy as hell, I’d leave the window in my bedroom open and sleep through it LIKE A MAN.

6) Do you have a pool? If so, is it in ground or above ground?
No pool. Though I live like two blocks from the aquatics center.

7) Do you hate when you can’t remember things?
I can’t remember!

8) Why do we experience Deja Vu?
Does anybody actually know the medical reason(s) for it? I’ve heard it theorized that episodes are actually very mild seizures. If that’s the case, then my brain’s a seizure fest.

9) Do you write in colored pens?
DAMN STRAIGHT. I had a conversation with my Proofs professor the other day about how awesome four-color pens are.

10) Do you really think that Ryan Seacrest is gay?
Who cares?

11) Have you seen the movie Princess Bride?
Who hasn’t?

12) Why do so many people make fun of people in Canada? Is it THAT funny?
Have you ever LIVED in Canada, dude? Half of them make fun of themselves.

13) Have you ever listened to the Obama song?
I didn’t even know there was an Obama song.

14) Where do you get your ringtones?
My ringtone has been Gavin Free shouting “MARK NUTT!” since February and I haven’t regretted it a single damn day.

15) Have you ever seen a number on TV and called it and just left a random voicemail?

16) Do you like Firefox better than Internet Explorer or vise versa?
“What does the Firefox say?” NOTHING, ‘CAUSE IT CRASHED.
(I hate Firefox.)

17) Do you have a favorite pen? If so, what color is it?
My four-color pen is awesome. Plus, it’s casing is half orange.

18) Is your desktop picture from the internet or a picture that you took?
Internet (it’s a giant integral sign, haha).

19) Do you misspell a lot of words?
Noope I’m a gud speler.

20) Do you like broccoli?

21) If so, do you like them with ranch dressing or melted cheese on them?
Broccoli with feta’s where it’s at, yo. I’m not a ranch dressing person.

22) Do you have any self-help books?
I don’t think so.

23) When you get angry/sad do you make irrational decisions?
My life is an irrational decision.

24) How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

25) When you don’t know a word, do you actually get up to get a dictionary or go to http://www.dictionary.com?
This usually happens when I’m reading on the recumbent bike at the rec center. I mark the page and look it up later.

26) Have you ever watched The Brave Little Toaster?
I have so much love for that movie. You don’t even know.

27) When you put on make-up, what make-up do you put on first? (ex. eyeliner, mascara, cover girl, etc.)
Foundation. Then eye shadow. Then mascara.

28) Do you have a netflix account?

29) Take a guess on how many hoodies you have.

30) Have you ever been kissed on New Year’s?
Pfft, yeah right.

31) What about under the mistletoe?
See above.

32) How do you want your significant other propose to you? If you don’t have a significant other, what is your ideal proposal??
This is not something that’s ever really on my mind, so I have no idea. It would probably involve Leibniz in some way.

33) What’s the worst smell that you can think of?
I’m the wrong person for this question.

34) When you get out of the shower, do you tend to get hot afterwards?
No. My bathroom is SO COLD.

35) Do you like your soda in a can or a bottle?
I’ve never had soda. I drink Red Bull, though, ‘cause I’m manly.

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