Total distance walked thus far in 2013: 30 miles.

I need a car. And people need to shovel their damn sidewalks. The top of the hill on 3rd is an icy death trap.

Got my books today. I’m taking engineering physics because I want to take engineering physics and the book is GIANT. It looks like it’ll be a really interesting class.

I’m also taking discrete math. The first page I randomly turned to in the book had a discussion of the pigeonhole principle (a This Week’s Science Blog topic awhile back), so I have automatic love for that class. The professor is the same dude I had for linear algebra back in the stone age, so at least I’ll be familiar with his teaching style.

I think I’m actually more nervous about teaching this semester than last semester, mainly because now that I’ve done a class I feel like I have no excuse for any mistakes.

I need to chill. But I suck at chilling.


Note: I’m having some issues regarding approving/responding to comments. Just letting you know that I’m not ignoring them (I love your comments, guys!), I’ll get to them as soon as WordPress stops throwing a hissy fit every time I try to type a response to one.

2 responses

  1. Lol I love you! Most people don’t take engenerring physics just brvause they want to and it sounds fun.


    1. Hahaha. When I showed my academic advisor my schedule for this semester he goes, “Why are you taking physics?” I go, “‘Cause I want to.” He then looks over my transcript and says, “You do this a lot, don’t you?”


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