So I linked to a super awesome discussion of Leibniz’ Monadology the other day, right?

Well, if you’ve listened to that (if you haven’t go do it now, fools!), I highly recommend The Partially Examined Life to get more amazing discussions of a wide variety of philosophical works by some of the major dudes in philosophy. Click on the “Podcasts” tab up at the top to see the whole list of discussions.

Seriously, these are awesome. Next up for me is HUUUUUUME! Freakin’ love Hume, man. That’s why I have this shirt.

Also, UI drama is happening because of my tuition waiver thingy. I had  whole rant typed out but I deleted it because I’m trying to deal with frustration in a more constructive manner this year. That will probably end with me repressing everything because that’s just how I am, but what’re you going to do?

OH, and if any of you haven’t seen/heard this yet (or seen anything by DJ Earworm):

Yes, this post was heavy in the “stuff on the internet that’s not mine” material. I’m stressing about the upcoming semester, deal with it.

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