Claudia vs. Dramamine (spoiler: the Dramamine wins)

Claudia’s Top Ten Reasons Why She Shouldn’t Ever Take Dramamine:

  1. Dry-swallowing those starchy little pills sucks.
  2. The instant Placebo Effect from swallowing said starchy little pill is strong, but not strong enough to beat psycho turbulence caused by the Pacific Northwest’s mercurial climate.
  3. They make me loopy and then freaking KNOCK ME OUT.Seriously, I took one at like 2 PM yesterday and by the time it was 7 or so I was so freaking out of it that I couldskdfnantdf..
  4. [sleeps]
  5. [wakes up] Huh? What? Did I fall asleep? Sorry. I meant to say that Dramamine really jussdlat aldkfafsfao adgpjaeaf…[sleeps]
  6. [sleeps]
  7. [sleeps]
  8. [sleeps]
  9. [sleeps]
  10. [wakes up] Wait…what was I doing again?

In related news: I’m in Tucson!

2 responses

  1. Didn’t you take Dramamine on one of the bands trips? I seem remember a similar thing happening.


    1. I think I had to when we went to Boise that first year, ’cause back then I would get major car sickness (bus sickness?). So yeah, I was probably pretty loopy.


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