The spheres have it

Oh man, have you guys ever read Uncyclopedia’s “Mathematics” entry? Oh my god.

  • “Space, the final mathematical frontier. This is the study of Euclidean geometry. To seek out new angles and new dimensions. To boldly plot what has never been plotted before.”
  • “But most importantly, professional mathematicians never get any sex. Ever. So when your guidance counsellor suggests you consider a field in mathematics, you’ll be looking at a long, lonely road of division, subtracted from the mainstream of society. What this all adds up to… is that mathematicians never multiply.”
  • “Mathematical logic is concerned with setting mathematics within a rigorous axiomatic framework and whipping them until they cry out for their mothers.”
  • (One of the footnotes) “Being arithmetically correct is so mundane.”
  • And the “Basic Notation” table. Oh my god.

Edit: oh my god, the “Linear Algebra” page is all about spheres. I’m dying.

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