I’ll be your eigenvalue if you be my eigenvector

Stats humor! I’m making these my post today even though I’m pretty sure none of my followers follow me for my stats drabble.

  • Q: What do you call a tea party with more than 30 people?
    A: A z party!
  • Day of the quiz:
    Professor: “OK students, you have fifteen minutes to plot the bivariate distribution between A and B, fifteen minutes to compute the correlation between A and B, and 5 SECONDS to compute the kurtosis of B.”
    One student stands up very worried: “Excuse me Professor, how can we posssibly compute a kurtosis in 5 SECONDS?”
    The Professor looks at the class very reassuring: “No need to be worried, kids, IT TAKES ONLY A MOMENT!!”
  • How is a normal probability distribution like a lion?
    They both have a MEAN MEW.
  • The Normal Curve in its critique    
    Is beautifully symmetrical and sleek.
    Sometimes it is skinny and tall
    Other times fat and real small.
    But with it the data will always speak.
  • Did you hear about: the statistician who was looking all over for the sum of eigenvalues from a variance- covariance matrix but couldn’t find a trace?
  • Did you hear the one about the statistician?




4 responses

  1. Given the punny statistic humor displayed above, you may be interested in Sassy Statistics: http://www.sassystatistics.com/


    1. How on earth have I never seen this site before? Thank you for bringing it to my attention!


  2. If you enjoyed that, then try this little cartoon I made when you’re bored sometime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3opThn_v6rs


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