Big Week o’ Blog Stats Celebration, Day 2: Mean Word Comparisons by Weekday, Month and Year

Yo, blogland! Time for another round of “stats no one cares about except me!”

Today we’re looking at Word Count by Day of the Week, Month, and Year. I’d like to see if there are any general trends or if I blather on about nothing in relatively consistent bursts across time. Maybe if all these days of analyses reveal some trends, I could try fitting a model to this data. I loves me some model fittin’.

Onwards and upwards!

A. No one day of the week will have a statistically significant difference in word count than any other day of the week. I don’t think I blog more or less over the weekend, and I see no reason why any day of the five-day week would have longer blogs than any other.
B. I don’t know if they’ll be significant or not, but I’m predicting that word counts will in general be higher during the spring school months (January– April at least) than the summer/winter months. The more responsibilities I have, the more I turn to blogging for procrastination, and I usually take more credits in the summer.
C. From highest word count to lowest: Year 6, Year 2, Year 5, Year 4, Year 1, Year 3.

Ready? Analyses:
Here is a pie chart (a tasty, tasty pie chart!) of the percentage of words I’ve written by the day of the week.

Pretty equal, eh? But what does the ANOVA say?  According to the stats, there are no statistically significant differences in word count by day of the week, F = 0.642, p = 0.697. According to the Tukey HSDs, none of the individual pairs of days of the week are statistically significant in terms of their word count, either.

Here is another pie chart. This one shows percentage of words by month.

Again, pretty even. Stats? F = 1.505, p = 0.123, meaning that there are no statistically significant differences in word count by month. No statistically significant differences in any of the pairs of months, either.

Finally, we jump to the largest span of time I’m looking at: years! Pie pie pie pie pie:

Haha, holy crap, Year 6 and Year 2 combined account for nearly half of the words in my total blog. Poor little Year 3.

And finally we see some significance! There is a statistically significant difference in word count by blog year , F = 11.021, p > 0.001.

Hypothesis A: Supported! All days of the week are subject to equal amounts of my blathering. Poor things.
Hypothesis B: Eh. Technically January, February, March, April, and May are the wordiest months, but they’re not significantly so.
Hypothesis C: Woo! I totally called it. If anyone’s curious, Year 3 was a word drought because I was living in the house with the guys and I had…other stuff occupying my time.

More to come tomorrow, ladies and gents!

What sayest thou? Speak!

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