Claudia’s Trans-Canadian Adventures: Day 2

Dear University of Western Ontario,
You are a creepy hybrid and I think I’m in love with you.

Seriously, both the campus and town are some sort of freakish, almost impossible combination of Moscow/UI and Vancouver/UBC.
I like it here. The bus system seems reasonable, it’s not raining, people actually have their own senses of style instead of all wearing the same coat, the same boots, and the same scarves, and…oh yeah: THE PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT FREAKING RULES.
It’s the second largest in Canada and has a tier 2 ranking for philosophy of science (which is pretty awesome, considering there is only one school in tier 1). There’s also a special institute called the Rotman Institute of Philosophy to which you can apply and get a special office in a separate part of the building with a bunch of other phil of sci dorks. How awesome is that?!

Other bonuses:

  • It’s not raining.
  • The rec center. Holy crap, it’s amazing.
  • You can RENT AN OFFICE IN THE LIBRARY. Your own library home. Holy Jesus crackers.
  • Prices! They’re reasonable!
  • There’s a Pita Pit here. There’s one in Vancouver, too, but it’s downtown and too far to go for sexy pitas.
  • It’s not raining.
  • The local stations seem to really like Futurama.
  • You’re encouraged to take classes outside of the phil department if they apply to you.
  • They have a marching band!
  • The layout of the grad student housing rooms is almost identical to the layout of my apartment here.
  • Did I mention it’s not raining?

It was a good day.

It looks like it can be a good future.

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    Sounds like a cool place.


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