NASA’s telescopes and cameras in space require the use of a super black paint dubbed Z306 in order to reduce photon contamination by absorbing erratic light that ricochets off the instrument components.
However, Z306 is apparently not black enough, as NASA scientists have been working towards and have finally developed a new material that is like 10 times blacker than Z306 and is made of carbon nanotubes grown on titanium. The big breakthrough here, aside from the DARKNESS THAT IS THE NEW BLACK, is the fact that the scientists were able to develop a material that would allow the nanotubes to stick effectively to it, therefore reducing the risk of them scratching off under wear.
You can read more about it here. Sounds pretty snazzy, if you ask me.



Today’s song: Creep by Scala & Kolacny Brothers

2 responses

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    My friend used to wear a shirt that said “I’m only wearing black until they make something darker” Who knew he was right!


  2. […] did a post quite a while ago on super black material, but it looks like they’ve recently come up with […]


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