I love how “may cause drowsiness” on medicines translates to “you won’t be able to stay awake for more than half an hour” for me. Same as “may cause dyskenesia” translates to “good luck sitting still for more than five minutes.” I guess passing out to sleep every hour or so is better than being too jittery to sit through class.


YES I KNOW I’m already behind. Read the first paragraph of this blog again and you’ll find one of the main reasons why. However, I’m super glad I impulse-bought that iPod Touch, because it’s been a godsend on the bus rides. I don’t have room enough to pull out a pen and notebook, so I just type on the iPod until I get to wherever I’m going. Snazzy.

My plot so far consists of ye olde science vs. religion issue, but not in a traditional way. I guess I decided to try and challenge myself by trying to write in one of my least favorite genres (science fiction), so who knows how that’s going to go. Hopefully soon I’ll get used to the meds and stop feeling like I got hit by a bus so I can actually concentrate.




Today’s song: When You Close Your Eyes by Night Ranger

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