Hindsight also has a great sense of humor

HAHAHA, so I turned on old Vaio this afternoon and got my old MSN Messenger archives off of him. Freaking hilarious. Thus I must bombard you with random quotes.

My logic is bad for my health

Ten fingers, one brain. It’s tough sometimes.

Love is a buffalo sentence

Haha, dude, you don’t need to apologize for not being fat

Would I date this crap?

“And how is this a teen pressure?” “Teens want tasty things”

Relaxing is a pretty foreign activity for me

At the moment, the fact that I can coherent sentences is an amazing feat
Hahahaha, wow

God I hate triangles
This one’s all, “resistance is futile, I’m an isosceles!”
You know why we don’t have any triangular states? ‘Cause they’d be COMMUNIST

North Dakota’s a rectangle, dude

West Virginia: The paralellowhatthefuckgram-shaped state

How many dimensions does my cube have?

Your voice is not puke-colored, don’t worry

Screw you, NASA! I invented the moon

I like to think Dr. Pepper and Sergeant Pepper are brothers or something

Holy crap, Newton has a temperature scale named after him?
Bastard did everything

Quine is impossible to comprehend
He’s like “and here we have the Web of Belief, which works like FARTFARTFARTFARTFART, I’m a genius, the end.”

I’m going to get a PhD in “screw this, I’m going to play Quake”

Sean had to tell me his tales of being Sean

1. Don’t ask me stupid questions 2. Don’t touch me

If you pass out on the orgy couch, bad things will happen

Oh you know I love Leibniz. I WILL MAKE HIM MY COOKIE


I know where the spatulas belong

Sean dissected his electric razor and we shaved a newspaper

Fun fact: Lanky’s height draws the mean height of the house above the rest of us, how sad is that?


Fun times.


Today’s song: Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch by Chuckie and LMFAO


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